Shinhwa Reveals The Important Advice They Gave To BEAST

Legendary K-Pop group Shinhwa had some advice for BEAST after hearing that they had given up the copyright to their group name and left Cube Entertainment.

In a recent interview with Sports World, Shinhwa revealed that they advised BEAST members to remain unified and “stick closely together” after BEAST announced that they had decided to give up the rights to their group name.

In 2012, Shinhwa also experienced a dispute with their previous record label regarding their group name, but, in May of 2016, they won the rights to their group name and are now able to continue performing as Shinhwa.

Shinhwa’s leader Eric advised the members to “stick closely together,” while Shin Hyesung suggested that “a group’s strength lies in the ability of the members to reach a solution together. Ensure your internal stability and whenever there is a predicament, come together as one voice, and they can perform as long as [Shinhwa has].

On January 4th, BEAST’s Yoon Dujun responded to Shinhwa’s supportive words of advice by posting on his Instagram stating, “Thank you, Shinhwa, I respect and support you always. I hope you are successful with this album as well~!!!

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Shinhwa released their 13th album, UNCHANGING, on January 2nd of this year and are actively performing with their title song, “Touch”.

Source: Sports World