Shinhwa reveals the secret to their longevity as a group

The legendary idol group has made it far, but it hasn’t always been a walk in the park for the nearly 20 year running group.

Senior idol group Shinhwa is known for giving their heartfelt advice to their dongsaengs given their plethora of success over the years. However, their recent appearance on KBS2 show Happy Together revealed that it hasn’t all been easy. While the show was mostly light-hearted, Shin Hye Sung did reveal that the group does fight, stating, “Of course we did fight, since we are six men around the same age”. Eric claimed that he and Shin Hye Sung often clashed because their personalities are “like water and oil.”

The fighting is said to be in part due to what Eric claimed are personality differences between himself and Hye Sung, stating that they are, “like water and oil” as a pair.” He went on to further explain that, “When I show physical affection to the other members, it’s natural. But Shin Hye Sung reacts strongly, which makes me want to do it more.” He laughed furthering, “nowadays, he’ll [reciprocate], so I hate it.”

Overall, they appeared to have a good time on the show.

They had each other’s backs.

They even danced a bit.