Shownu and Wonho are so buff, the other members are scared

No member would ever try to start a physical fight against these two Hulks of MONSTA X.

On February 28, MONSTA X released their very first official photo book called Temperature. The photo book package included with 260 photos taken in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, photo bookmarks, and a behind-the-scenes making-film DVD.

During the photo shoot, Jooheon made a joke about how Wonho and Shownu might suffocate I.M and him to death because they are known for their big muscles.

His comment brought natural smiles to everyone’s faces, making Wonho and Shownu hug them even tighter. Jooheon and I.M looked at the photographer with nervous expressions as they held onto Wonho and Shownu’s arms to make sure they don’t choke them.

Anyone would be cautious around them if they saw how built their bodies were.

Check out how much muscle they have!

Wonho is known for his wide chest, big biceps, and abs and can be often seen wearing exposing or tight clothing during performances to show off his body.

The straps make him look especially broad.
He’s built with chocolate abs!

MONSTA X once had to do a mission where they used an exercise machine while answering questions, and Wonho was able to succeed without tiring out or losing his breath.

His fellow members were impressed and touched his chest while exclaiming how defined his pecs were.

Shownu, as well, has a very impressive body and broad gangster shoulders.

His shoulders are so wide!
The sweat makes his muscles shine.

Shownu got his body by doing sports like swimming!

Although it’s true that Wonho and Shownu have body-builder bodies, their members know that they would never use abuse their strength and admire their members’ muscles more than they fear them.