16-Year-Old Japanese Boy Trending In Korea For His Good Looks

This Japanese idol is a hot topic right now in South Korea due to his visuals – and his age!


Shunsuke Miseda is a member of Kansai Johnny Jr, a group of young boys in their early teens being trained at Johnny & Associates talent agency to sing and dance.


He had his first appearance at the Haruyasumi Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Special show held in Osaka in March 2015, when he was 13 years old.


Since then, he’s been a backup dancer for idol groups at Johnny’s agency including Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z.


But he really caught the public’s attention when he appeared in his first drama series My Son in April 2017.


Fans are lamenting the fact he was born in 2002 because it means he’s still so young!

I will remember him… Why does he have to be born in 2002? He’s the same age as my brother but why is the feeling so different? — Sungu



He’s a triple threat, with the looks, the voice, the moves and the personality.

Shunsuke is (flowerboy) pretty and he has a cute personality too! He’s really good at making jokes and he’s a good dancer.  — @ponmero_8


Some were already fans before he went viral and are excited about his rising popularity.

Please tell everyone about Shunsuke! We are open for business! — Misyun


He’s growing up so well!