“They Look Like Siblings” — Netizens Think ITZY’s Chaeryeong And TREASURE’s Bang Yedam Look Alike

Do y’all think they could pass as siblings?

What do ITZY‘s Chaeryeong and TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam have in common? Besides their incredible talent and previous K-Pop Star appearances — probably not much else. Netizens believe, however, that that the two actually share a bit more than people might realize and it all boils down to their visuals.

According to Korean netizens, Chaeryeong and Bang Yedam have such similar visuals, that they believe they could pass off as siblings! So let’s take a look at the two idols to compare and contrast their resemblance.

Young Chaeryeong vs. young Bang Yedam

ITZY’s Charyeong (left), TREASURE’s Bang Yedam (right) | theqoo

We’re starting off with photos of the two idol members when they were younger — and they really do look similar in these pictures. Their smiles are pretty much a carbon copy of one another! If someone told us they were siblings at this point in their lives, we would have believed them for sure.

And it’s not surprising because the two idols are close in age, with Chaeryeong being born in 2001 and Bang Yedam being born in 2002. While the two stars may be in successful idol groups now, they both started with humble beginnings as hopeful idols-to-be on SBS‘s K-Pop Star. The ITZY member competed as a participant alongside her sister and former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon. They were both eliminated, but were eventually scouted by JYP Entertainment.

The TREASURE member competed in the second season of the audition program and made it all the way to the end. Bang Yedam finished the show as the runner up, coming in second behind AKMU, who is also a fellow YG Entertainment artist.

School Pictures

| theqoo, theqoo

Here are the two idols repping their respective high schools’ uniforms while still giving off semi-sibling vibes. They don’t look as similar as they did when they were younger, but blame it on the angles because we are still seeing some resemblance in these photos.

Despite their busy schedules, both Chaeryeong and Bang Yedam made sure to fulfill their academic duties by attending school. They both went to well-known star studded high schools, with the ITZY member graduating from Hanlim Arts School in 2020 and the TREASURE memer graduating from School of Performing Arts Seoul (more famously known as SOPA) in 2021.

After their debut

| JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment

As they grew older, there’s a noticeable shift in Chaeryeong and Bang Yedam’s resemblance to one another. With age and maturity, it’s natural to see changes happen within someone’s face and that couldn’t be more true in these two’s cases. But don’t worry because their gorgeous visuals haven’t changed too much, since they have both evolved from cute children, to absolutely beautiful adults.

Their visual transitions from children to adults happened during their trainee years at their respective labels, where both idols made their highly anticipated debuts. Chaeryeong made her debut with ITZY in 2019 and Bang Yedam made his debut with TREASURE in 2020. They have both seen wild success with their groups, as they both continue to break records as rookie idol group members.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram, YG Entertainment

Upon looking at the photos for themselves, Korean netizens quickly began discussing the two’s resemblance to one another, with a majority of them agreeing that they look alike!

| theqoo
  • “Oh, they look alike especially when they were younger.”
  • “When they were younger, they resembled one another but now I don’t know…the girl’s nose is more eye catching.”
  • “They really do look alike.”
  • “They looked alike when they were younger, but they don’t anymore.”
  • “They do have sibling vibes.”
  • “Whoa they look alike.”
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