This Side Conversation Between BTS’s RM And Jimin Has ARMYs Confused AF

“Can anyone understand RM and Jimin’s conversation here…?”

In the latest Bon Voyage 4 The Story Untold, the camera caught BTS‘s RM and Jimin having a side conversation…


… and ARMYs are putting their heads together to figure out what in the world they are saying to each other!

Can anyone understand RM and Jimin’s conversation here…? I tried listening with the captions on, but still don’t get it.

— Confused ARMY


Underneath V‘s persistent effort to grab J-Hope hyung‘s attention from the tent…

Hyung! Hyung! Hobi-hyung!

— V


… ARMYs can hear Jimin.

Why, what’s so funny?

— Jimin


RM doesn’t miss this chance and tells Jimin that someone likes him:

RM: I’m telling you — he likes you.
Jimin: Yeah, I think that hyung is in love with me.
RM: Yeah, he loves you.


Using context clues, ARMYs have figured out that this “he” is J-Hope — because only J-Hope would be a hyung to Jimin, but not to RM…

If RM is calling him by name but Jimin is calling him hyung, the “he” must be J-Hope!

— Smart ARMY


… and that J-Hope must have been smiling at Jimin. So when Jimin finds J-Hope smirking away, he asks what’s so funny — and RM thinks it’s because J-Hope is in love with Jimin!

I was curious about this too, so I’ve watched it over and over. I think J-Hope was smiling at Jimin even before he started talking. When Jimin realizes that, he starts talking to J-Hope.

— Detective ARMY


In which case, this is no mystery. Of course J-Hope loves Jimin! They’ve been roommates forever — and best friends for longer. RM is definitely right, J-Hope is in love with Jimin!