“The Silent Sea” Cast Talk About Filming The Intense Space Thriller

South Korea doesn’t have many space-thrillers!

Today Netflix held an event called “See What’s Next Korea” that included promotions for their upcoming Korean content! The streaming service recently revealed that they had spent about half a billion dollars on Korean content, and fans are more excited than ever. This event included the cast of The Silent Sea talking about their upcoming project!

The Silent Sea is a sci-fi horror-thriller set in the future, where the Earth has turned into a desert wasteland, leaving humanity with food and water shortages. A team is selected and tasked with retrieving samples from an abandoned research station on the moon to help get through the disaster.

The show features a star-studded cast and even a famous crew. Actor Jung Woo Sung is producing the series, while Choi Hang Yong is directing and Mother‘s Park Eun Kyo is writing. The leads include Gong YooBae Doo Na, and Lee Joon. The story expands on Choi Hang Yong’s short film of the same name (but often translated differently as The Sea of Tranquility).

Producer Jung Woo Sung, writer Park Eun Kyo, Bae Doo Na, and Lee Joon took part in the event, while Gong Yoo and director Choi Hang Yong could not attend due to conflicting schedules.

Bae Doo Na will be playing Dr. Song Ji Ahn, an astrobiologist who joins the team to find the secret behind an accident that took place at the research station. Gong Yoo takes the role of Han Yoon Jae, the team leader. Lee Joon plays the talented engineer Ryu Tae Seok.

Jung Woo Sung shared that he actually happened to see the short film 7 years ago when it first came out. He had loved the idea and decided he wanted to expand upon it.

Bae Doo Na

Bae Doo Na added that she has also seen the original short film first and that she was immediately captivated by it. She especially mentioned that she was told that the show has “two hidden cards,” so she joined.


We spent a long time preparing for this while thinking of it as a feature-length film. However after some time, we realized the project’s universe and story had such expandability that it seemed a shame to limit it to just a feature-length film. When Netflix suggested that it be made into a series, I thought that we’d be able to fully tell the story.

—Park Eun Gyo

Park Eun Kyo

When asked about the “hidden cards,” Bae Doo Na carefully shared, “Other projects may have stories about teams who leave for space because there’s a lack of food and water, but ‘The Silent Sea’ has something that goes beyond that.


Lee Joon shared that he was always quite interested in space, so this project was an easy pick. He thought that the idea was even more fascinating because the characters go to the Moon for water, which was revealed to be true in real life.

Lee Joon


Bae Doo Na confessed that the spacesuits were way too heavy and that it first made her have a panic attack. However, with help from the other actors, she soon became so used to it that the suit felt like nothing.

Since it’s a story set in space, everything on set has been formed by the imagination, so we’re all filming with a sense of wonder.

—Bae Doo Na

Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung stated that everything in life is a new challenge, and they did their best to make the K-Drama as amazing as possible. He shared that “The biggest task has been to figure out what the lunar base should look like and how to make it high quality. We’re trying zero-gravity and low-gravity filming for the first time. Everything is a new attempt.

He also confessed that he didn’t want the cast to feel awkward around him, but it was difficult at first. However, after some time, they are all comfortable around each other, and Woo Sung learned a lot about filming.

They finished the interview with some final wishes for the show.

Park Eun Gyo: “I hope that it’s a project that can meet everyone’s expectations.”

Lee Joon: “Our team is having so much fun filming, so I’m looking forward to the results being just as much fun.”

Bae Doo Na: “Filming hasn’t wrapped up yet but we’ll keep working hard and having fun until the end and  present everyone with a series that you can enjoy.”

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Source: TV Daily