Singer-songwriter “A” Under Investigation For Alleged Illegal Filming Of Women Revealed To Be Singer The Film

Singer-songwriter “A” identity has been revealed.

Singer-songwriter and music label CEO “A,” who is currently under police investigation for the alleged illegal filming of women’s bodies has been revealed to be singer The Film (Hwang Gyung Seok).

On July 27, media reported that Hwang had been using a camera device to illegally film women’s bodies and sexual acts. He is currently being investigated by the Gwangjin Police Station.

| Real Music리얼 뮤직/YouTube

This case was first reported by lawyer Bae Geun Jo, who received an anonymous report on the matter back in April. After it was reported to the police, Hwang went through investigations and partially admitted to the accused crimes.

After news of this case was released to the public, many people began to point at The Film as the person in question and became curious about who Hwang was.

The Film participated in the 2001 Yoo Jae Ha Music Competition and won the bronze award before officially debuting. Afterwards, he began his career as a singer-songwriter and created his own one-man agency 감성제작소 (literal translation: Emotion Factory) in 2016.

Below is his single “Pretty” which was released in 2014.

Currently, all of The Film’s social media accounts have been closed.

Source: sports world