“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Nadine Opens Up About Fearing Backlash For Not Being Fluent In Korean

She even told the show’s producers that she was worried about what viewers might think.

Lee Nadine was an instant fan favorite on Single’s Inferno 2 due to her beauty and incredible intelligence, proven when the show revealed that she was a student at the American Ivy League school Harvard University. Viewers were so enamored with her that, even though she ultimately left the show alone, they claimed it was because she was too good for any male contestants.

Lee Nadine | @deeenerss/Instagram

Although her appearance in Single’s Inferno 2 was well-received by fans, Nadine openly admitted in an interview with KOREA NOW to being worried about the communication barrier between her and the other contestants during the first few days of filming.

The most challenging part of the show for me was definitely communication. I think especially during the first two days I had a really difficult time adjusting to obviously the language and I think I was just really nervous. My Korean was obviously not completely fluent, so I think that was challenging.

– Lee Nadine via KOREA NOW


After the shoot had ended, Nadine approached the show’s makers about her anxieties regarding the possible backlash from viewers who might wonder why she had been cast despite not being fluent in Korean. Thankfully, the staff reassured her, and fans grew to find her endearing instead.

After we filmed, I struggled a little bit during that time because I was nervous that people were going to be mad that I’m on the show because I’m not fluent in Korean. They’re probably thinking, ‘why is she on this show?’ I had expressed to the producers and the staff about being worried, but they were very nice and they would reassure me. It ended up being okay. If anything, some people found that charming.

– Lee Nadine via KOREA NOW

She could express her true personality when speaking in English, Nadine explained. When talking in Korean, her limited grasp of the language prevented her from adequately communicating at times, which was why sometimes she appeared more introverted on the show than she truthfully was.

Watch Lee Nadine’s full interview with KOREA NOW on YouTube below. She talks about the challenges and anxieties she experienced being and after filming Single’s Inferno 2 at the 3:58 mark.

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