“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Jo Yoong Jae Shocks Netizens With His Incredible Work Credentials

He’s more than just an office worker…

Now that the series of Single’s Inferno 2 has ended, it seems like netizens are obsessed with finding out about the lives of the contestants outside the show.

Recently, contestant Jo Yoong Jae has gained attention for his impressive work credentials.

Contestant Jo Yoong Jae | Netflix

Of course, although he might not have been a favorite, he captured the hearts of netizens with his blossoming relationship with fellow contestant Choi Seo Eun.

Choi Seo Eun (left) and Yoong Jae (right) | Netflix
| Netflix
| Netflix

Even now that the show has ended, the duo gained attention for their openness when it comes to their relationship.

Yet, alongside his relationship with Choi Seo Eun, Yoong Jae has gained attention for his working credentials outside the island.

After going to “Paradise” for the first time, Seo Eun tried to guess what Yoong Jae did for a living.

| Netflix 

Yoong Jae then revealed that he was working at a huge security firm.

From the minute he showcased his VT, it seemed like Yoong Jae was in a high position that was extremely professional. He explained that his job includes “Analyzing assets and creating private equity funds or specialized investments that institutions can invest in.”

| Netflix
| Netflix

He also graduated from Hanyang University…

| Netflix

And has posted a picture of himself in the school’s robes.

Of course, that is impressive enough but eagle-eyed netizens believe that Yoong Jae might have been selling himself short when explaining what he does for a living.

Netizens found a report from 2018 talking about Shinhan Investment, and many believe that one of the people in the article is Jo Yoong Jae. In the staff portfolio, the man on the bottom row in the middle is seemingly Yoong Jae.

Profiles of New Recruits at Securities Companies
1. Desired Specialties
2. Notes
Shinhan Investment Corp.
(His name which I cannot spell)
1. Alternative investments
2. He earned qualifications/got licensed after he set his goals.

In the article, it reveals that Yoong Jae was hired through an open admission which is done by top companies when recruiting.  According to the piece, Yoong Jae was a senior staff or assistant manager in the company.

Although it isn’t confirmed and is just speculation, netizens also praised Yoong Jae for his TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) scores. Netizens believe that he got over 900+ (which is out of a total of 900).

When the information was shared online, netizens couldn’t hide how impressed they were.

Although none of this has been confirmed, there is no denying that Yoong Jae showcased his intelligence and was open about his career, which has led to assumptions by netizens. It seems that, unlike many reality shows worldwide, this series of Single’s Inferno has been filled with smart and accomplished contestants.

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