“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Se Jun Shocks Netizens With His Academic History, Proving He’s More Than Just Handsome

It isn’t just Nadine and Dong Woo who are smart AF!

Although Single’s Inferno 2 might have ended, it’s just the start for the contestants who are gaining attention and popularity after appearing on the show.

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

Of course, the contestants all gained attention for their visuals, but also their careers.

Lee Nadine won praise after it was revealed she was studying at Harvard University, and even Shin Dong Woo impressed fans after it was revealed he had a medical degree from Yonsei University.

Contestant Lee Nadine | Netflix
Contestant Shin Dong Woo | Netflix

Well, it seems like another Single’s Inferno 2 contestant should also be getting praise for his intelligence, and it’s none other than fan-favorite Kim Se Jun.

Contestant Kim Se Jun | Netflix

When he first arrived on the island and was finally the person to give Lee So E the chance for a happy ending…

| Netflix

Netizens loved that he was both caring and unbothered.

| Netflix
| Netflix 

Aside from his green flag behavior on the island, Kim Se Jun is also very talented as it was revealed that he is a tailor and works for Ascottage, which is the brand run by season one contestant Oh Jin Taek.

| @asser__kim/Instagram
| @asser__kim/Instagram 

Of course, Se Jun has the visuals…

| @asser__kim/Instagram
| @asser__kim/Instagram
| @asser__kim/Instagram

Well, it seems like being hugely creative, talented, good-looking, and having a charming personality aren’t the only impressive characteristics Se Jun has.

Se Jun recently did a Q&A… well, almost. As he couldn’t “be bothered,” Oh Jin Taek’s cat had to do it on his behalf, answering fans’ burning questions about the contestant.

My smart cat friend is doing things for me that I’m too lazy to do. If you have anything you want to ask me, send them here.
From Kim Bubble.

— Kim Se Jun

One of the questions asked was about his studies. Although fans know about his career, little is really known about what he did before becoming a tailor. If his warm personality contrasts with his sharp looks, his academic history will shock you more.

The answer showcases that Se Jun is definitely the full package after revealing that the contestant actually studied law.

When Se Jun’s academic history was revealed, netizens couldn’t hide their shock at the fact that he seemed to be the perfect man. Even after showcasing his personality on the show, Se Jun keeps surprising fans.

If Kim Se Jun wasn’t perfect enough, he’s proved that he has the brains, brawn, visuals, and personality. It isn’t surprising that the whole internet fell for his charms, and he is the perfect match for the equally as loveable Lee So E.

You can read more information we learned about Kim Se Jun from the Q&A below.

Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun

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