“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Se Jun Might Have Actually Been Jealous Of Lee So E’s Relationship With Kim Han Bin

It’s the love triangle we didn’t see coming!

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Single’s Inferno 2 might have included some notable love triangles, such as Shin Seul Ki, Kim Jin Young, and Choi Jong Woo, as well as Jo Yoong Jae, Kim Han Bin, and Choi Seo Eun. But there’s an unexpected love triangle.

From left: Choi Jong Woo, Shin Seul Ki, Shin Dong Woo, and Kim Jin Young | Netflix

From left: Kim Han Bin, Choi Seo Eun, and Jo Yoong Jae | Netflix

Until Kim Se Jun arrived, Lee So E only had eyes for Yoong Jae (or so we thought). During this time, she and Han Bin became close friends as they were both struggling with unreciprocated love. Ultimately, they realized that their respective crushes were a couple.

Kim Han Bin (left) and Lee So E (right) | Netflix



Despite So E and Han Bin being good friends, netizens believe that Se Jun was actually jealous of him.

Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed a few things during the show that has many convinced Kim Se Jun, Lee So E, and Kim Han Bin are the real love triangle of Single’s Inferno 2!

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You might have noticed that Se Jun continually looked over at So E and Han Bin, although he had been talking with other contestants in the moment. Part of the reason might have been that So E was borrowing Han Bin’s jacket.

Netflix via @portratvonrosee/Twitter

We all know one of the solidifying moments for Se Jun and So E’s relationship was his lending her his jacket.

Netflix via @portratvonrosee/Twitter

This is only one of many moments in that Se Jun might have been low-key jealous of Han Bin.

Although he was respectful of her choice to choose Han Bin for her second Paradise date, viewers noticed that he appeared sad when she left and clingier after she returned.


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Yet, his “jealousy” toward Han Bin and So E’s relationship might have been from the start, and he might have had good reason. Single’s Inferno 2 fan @aesiya7 on Twitter developed a theory about the “love triangle,” starting from the very beginning when So E and Han Bin were two of the few contestants left in Inferno. In the unreleased scene, it appears So E and Han Bin might have been interested in more than one person, and it was each other. 

When So E won the “chicken fight,” Han Bin looked hopeful that she would choose him for the date. However, she chose Jong Woo and her crush Yoong Jae.

It seems like since Han Bin went to Paradise with Seo Eun that he and So E then really decided to remain friends.

Then Se Jun arrived…

The “love triangle” really started the moment Se Jun showed up. When So E fell, and Han Bin rushed to help her, Se Jun was too late. After that, he became more and more attentive to her and continually told her that he worried about her falling, getting hurt, etc.

It also seemed like during the cooking scene that Han Bin kept coming between Se Jun and So E, intentionally or not, much to Se Jun’s dismay.

When Se Jun and So E got to Paradise, they had a great time. Yet, some viewers noticed that Se Jun’s expression totally changed when Han Bin was mentioned.

The next day, So E chose Han Bin to go to Paradise instead of Se Jun.

During the Paradise date, Han Bin assured her he would cheer her up, make her feel good, etc. This is how he talked in his introduction about the girl he likes.

Viewers also interpreted Han Bin’s expressions and some things said that he might still have feelings for So E.

Han Bin had not only told So E that he would make sure she had fun. He even mentioned in front of Se Jun, “So E wants to have fun.” 

After So E returns with Han Bin, Se Jun wears a similar shirt to the one that Han Bin wore the day he left to go to Paradise with her. Coincidence?

While everyone was invested in the wrestling match, especially between Jin Young and Jong Woo over Seul Ki, it appears someone was fighting over So E. Han Bin targeted Se Jun!

It really looks like Se Jun was not the only one who found So E “cute.” Han Bin did too.

Even before the very last moment, Han Bin and So E appeared drawn together. There’s an unreleased scene where they talked, and Se Jun was off to the side watching. Although So E and Han Bin chose other people in the finale, they told each other that they were each other’s “most important person.” 

Viewers continued to notice things since the finale. Han Bin and Se Jun interact the least of all the male contestants. They appear to avoid each other…

…even online.

What do you think about the So E, Han Bin, and Se Jun love triangle theory?

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