“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon Drops Details On Her True Ideal Type

She has a few things she’s looking for.

Shin Ji Yeon from Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno sat down to answer questions that were on viewers’ minds. Naturally, one of those questions from the Korean dating show was her ideal type.

Shin Ji Yeon | @jiiiyeonie__/Instagram

While on the show, Shin Ji Yeon kept it short and sweet by saying, “I like people who can influence me in positive ways.” Since viewers wanted to know more, Shin Ji Yeon gave more of a detailed look at the kind of man she likes.

| @jiiiyeonie__/Instagram

During the Q&A segment, Shin Ji Yeon began with appearance and revealed one thing she keeps an eye out for. She said, “Since I am tall, I like tall people.

She then shared how important it was to depend on them. Shin Ji Yeon continued, “Someone who is manly and reliable.

When deciding what was most important about someone, Shin Ji Yeon emphasized how similar personalities determine how well they’ll get along.

Although Shin Ji Yeon gained attention for her beauty, looks aren’t the first thing she’s focused on for her ideal man. See her talk about it here.