“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon Looks Gorgeous In Her Pre-Netflix Yearbook Photo

Gorgeous since birth!

Single’s Inferno‘s Shin Ji Yeon made headlines when she turned heads on the island for her innocent beauty.

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It came as no surprise when netizens uncovered that she had previously entered a beauty pageant in South Korea. She entered the judging as the only gyopo (Korean living abroad) amongst finalists.

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As she received recognition and fame through the show, her social media accounts have shot up. Her first YouTube video received over 1 million views in just a day since upload, and her Instagram is up to 940,000 followers as of today and ever-climbing. With the newfound attention from the world, people from her past began to take interest as well.

A Redditor uploaded a photograph of her from a high school yearbook and claimed to have gone to the same high school as her. Although the Reddit account has been deleted, the photo still remains. Shin Ji Yeon recently revealed through her YouTube Q&A that she immigrated to Canada in 2008 and studied there for middle and high school.

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Anyone can tell that she looks exactly the same as she does now, except with her adorable baby fat. Now, Ji Yeon has blossomed into a beautiful woman and was well known on the show for her delicate and petite figure. Her deep philtrum, straight nose, and unique lips are exactly the same.

Even her eyebrows and eyes have remained unchanged.

Many praised her for her natural beauty and it looks like they were absolutely right! She’s been gorgeous since she was born.

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