“Single’s Inferno” Star Song Ji A Has Addressed Plastic Surgery Rumors

She answered honestly.

During Song Ji A‘s time on Single’s Inferno, both viewers and her castmates fell for her striking beauty. Some people, however, want to know how much of that beauty is natural.

On her YouTube channel, free지아, Ji A addressed plastic surgery rumors to separate truth from fiction.

Question 6: Plastic Surgery? | free지아/YouTube

There were so many rude comments, so I was mad, to be honest. There were so many questions about it, so I’ll tell you because I’m honest.

— Song Ji A

To date, Ji A has only had one plastic surgery procedure, rhinoplasty. She made changes to her nose when she was 17 years old.

Ji A as a child and Ji A today. | @dear.zia/Instagram

I only did nose surgery, no lip fillers.

— Song Ji A

Her lips, however, are all-natural and emphasized with makeup. Ji A said, “I use lip liner and overline it.”

Ji A showing viewers her lip liner. | free지아/YouTube

There has also been speculation about Ji A’s eyes. “There was an assumption that I got eye surgery,” she said. “but if I did it, then my eyes would be symmetrical.” 

When asked if she plans to “fix” her “asymmetrical eye size,” Ji A gave her honest answer.

Many people told me I look weird. I’m hurt. But I think it’s as attractive [as my] Busan accent, so I’m not willing to fix it.

— Song Ji A

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