“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A Lives In One Of The Most Expensive Luxury Apartments In Seoul And Here’s How Much It Costs

Here’s how much it costs to live where she does.

Single’s Inferno‘s Song Ji A is Korea’s newest darling. With her sassy personality and hot-girl-vibes, no wonder she’s raking in the fans. On the show, she was known for her impeccable fashion and luxurious image.

She carried branded bags wherever she went on the show!

Her Instagram is also peppered with high-end brands.

She recently shared a video of her house tour. She shared that this was her very first own home away from family. Of course, netizens were quick to sleuth out the exact building from the view and layout.

Song Ji A lives in the prestigious Trimage apartments located in Seongsu. While we’re not sure if she bought the apartment or is renting it under the jeonse (deposit) system, or simply paying monthly rent in South Korea, here’s the various prices for each system.

For purchase, her one-room type apartment costs a whoppingΒ  β‚©780 million KRW (about $656,000 USD). For jeonse, a system where you put down a large deposit and pay a smaller fee per month, the deposit costs around β‚©500 million KRW (about $420,000 USD). Lastly, for monthly rent, the market value is around β‚©3.00 million KRW (about $2,520 USD). In addition to all this, one has to pay a maintenance fee for the building monthly, which usually comes up to a few hundred USD.

| Highclass TV/YouTube

Given that the average office worker’s salary for a fresh grad around her age is only around β‚©2.60 million KRW (about $2,190 USD) in Seoul, her apartment would cost more than how much most people in their 20s would make per month.

Celebrities that live in Trimage include Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and Taeyeon, as well as Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Donghae. Even EXO‘s Baekhyun lives there!

She’s truly young, rich, and pretty!