“Single’s Inferno” Star An Yea Won Has A Brother, And He’s Just As Hot As She Is

Visuals run in this family!

Single’s Inferno is over, but fans’ love for An Yea Won lives on!

During her time on Netflix‘s dating show, Yea Won dazzled viewers with her quirky charm and gorgeous visuals. Although she didn’t get as much screen time as some of her co-stars, Yea Won quickly became a fan favorite.

After getting to know Yea Won’s bubbly personality and seeing her smoking hot modeling photos, it’s hard to believe she wasn’t the top pick for Paradise!

Yea Won’s passion for fitness and talent for modeling seem to run in the family! On Instagram, Yea Won shared photos taken with this handsome male model: her older brother, An Jae Hoon.

An Jae Hoon and An Yea Won | @yeah.w__/Instagram

A behind-the-scenes video of the An siblings at the profile picture shoot is now up on YouTube!  This one is going to be super funny, I guarantee it!!! LOL Like, I couldn’t stop cracking up while editing the video…

And to those of you who keep thinking he’s the younger one… HE’S FIVE YEARS OLDER THAN I AM… Like PLEASE

Be sure to come check out my YouTube channel at AngYeaWon(Link in bio) 

— An Yae Won

The siblings showed off their athletic physiques for Maeryo Studio (@maeryo.studio) photo shoot. Their family resemblance is undeniable!

| @yeah.w__/Instagram 

In one of her posts, Yea Won shared this photo along with a childhood snap of her and Jae Hoon.

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

How time flies!

| @yeah.w__/Instagram

Like his sister, Jae Hoon works as a fitness model. His Instagram, @insta.hoon, is full of photos from pictorials and his training sessions at the gym.

It takes a lot of time, commitment, and hard work to achieve these results!

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