BTS’s RM And Suga Gave Totally Opposite Answers, Now We’re Laughing

These great minds don’t think alike in a newly released interview.

They say great minds think alike, but BTS‘s Suga and RM prove that isn’t always true!

On March 26, radio station SiriusXM premiered a new interview with BTS, filmed back in February. In it, BTS talks about their album Map of the Soul: 7, and the meanings behind their new songs.

The members were also asked about their future goals.

What is going to be the next thing you want to achieve, because you’ve already achieved so many amazing things?

— SiriusXM

Suga answered modestly in English by saying, “Right now, I think purpose is more important than the goal.”

RM, on the other hand, wants a freaking GRAMMY already! “But I want GRAMMY nomination,” he said, making Suga laugh. “You’re listening, all the Recording Academy members, BTS wants GRAMMY nominations.” 

Wait a minute. Did these geniuses switch minds? In the past, Suga was the one who usually mentioned the GRAMMY Awards, but not this time. Hopefully, BTS will finally receive their much-deserved nominations in 2021!

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