SISTAR Bora and INFINITE Sunggyu caught flirting on Instagram

Bora and Sunggyu have been leaving fun and flirtatious comments on each others’ posts in Instagram.

It all started when Sungyeol first uploaded a selfie on his Instagram in celebration of INFINITE’s 7th anniversary.

“It’s been so long my selfies look awkward..ㅠㅠ You’ve waited a lot, right Inspirits❤️  Thank you for our 7th anniversary and I love you”
— INFINITE’s Sungyeol

Sunggyu then commented on Sungyeol’s selfie, where he agreed that his selfie looked awkward and offered to give him some tips.

Image Source: @yeolsprout
“It’s really awkward^^”
“Want me to show you what a real selfie is?^^”
— INFINITE’s Sunggyu

Shortly after, Sunggyu uploaded his own selfie and advised Sungyeol that selfies must always have filters on them.

“Selfies must always have filters ^^ #Sungyeol #DoBetter”
— INFINITE’s Sunggyu

SISTAR’s Bora, however, didn’t seem to agree and left a comment poking fun at Sunggyu.

Image Source: @yeolsprout
“This filter’s bad, are you sure Sungyeol didn’t win???ㅋㅋ”
— SISTAR’s Bora

Sunggyu then joked that Bora should just be honest and tell him that he’s cute, to which Bora also left a humorous reply.

Image Source: @yeolsprout
Sunggyu: “Do you have nothing to do? #IfI’mCute just tell me I’m cute my friend”
Bora: “Aww that’s what you wanted? You wanted to be a gwiyomi??”

This conversation came to an end after Bora thanked Sunggyu for keeping her entertained.

Image Source: @yeolsprout
Sunggyu: “#BoraisBored”
Bora: “Thanks for playing with me ✋?”

The two were also seen exchanging playful banter on Bora’s Instagram on her video of a fan asking her to marry her.

A post shared by BoRa💜 (@borabora_sugar) on

“He (a fan) said let’s get married.. So I said I didn’t want to ? #Don’tWanna”
— SISTAR’s Bora

Sunggyu and Bora jokingly bickered about who should marry the fan, to which Bora quickly shut him down with just one comment.

Image Source: @FALLinHOSH
Sunggyu: “Just do it for him”
Bora: “You want to do it for me?”
Sunggyu: “#Sorry”
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