SISTAR19’s Bora And Hyolyn Name Their Celebrity Ideal Types

See if they’ve changed over the years.

As guests on Jae Jae‘s MMTG, SISTAR19‘s Bora and Hyolyn shared their celebrity ideal types.

Hyolyn and Bora.

Jae Jae asked the second-generation idols if they valued visuals or personality in a romantic partner.

SISTAR19 and Jae Jae.

Hyolyn chose the latter because she didn’t mind a guy with “average” looks. There was one celebrity in particular who looked the part.

Hyolyn chose actor Kang Dong Won as the celebrity who fits her ideal type best.

A photo of actor Kang Dong Won.

Using Hyolyn’s words to make them laugh, Jae Jae joked that Bora liked the “average version of Song Joong Ki” as her ideal type.

A photo of actor Song Joong Ki.

Although it’s been many years since SISTAR promoted together, it looks like Hyolyn and Bora’s ideal types haven’t changed much since then.