SISTAR’s Soyou Reveals Why She Doesn’t Wear Clothes At Home

SISTAR‘s Soyou, who has been known for her amazing toned body since debut, reveals how she keeps the fitness of her body in check often.

Soyou recently featured in the May issue of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan to showcase the beauty of her makeup that is suitable for spring.

After her photoshoot, Soyou revealed her secrets on how she stays fit by seeing strong healthy bodies as her ideal image.

“I’ve always enjoyed exercising ever since I was young. Even when thin bodies were under the limelight, I’ve always viewed strong, robust bodies as beautiful. I think that because of all this I was able to naturally start working out.”

— Soyou

She also revealed that she does not weigh herself on scales and instead checks on her fitness level by how she sees herself when she looks in the mirror.

To be able to check out her body more accurately and more frequently at home, Soyou chose to spend her personal time not wearing any clothes.

“[I don’t weigh myself] because I know that the number the scale shows does not define an extraordinary body. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not someone is 50kg or 55kg, but rather what looks prettier when seen by the human eye. That’s why when I’m at home, I usually spend my time not wearing any clothes. And because I check my body in a full-body mirror very frequently, I also don’t need a scale.”

— Soyou

Check out photos of Soyou’s perfect figure below!


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