Sleep Versus Food: BLACKPINK Chooses Which They Can’t Live Without

Which do you think they picked?

There are two things BLACKPINK loves above all: sleep and food. Without either of them, their mood drastically plummets.

In the eleventh episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the girls needed to choose between the two. The question they debated heatedly on was, “What’s more difficult to stand? Hunger versus [lack of] sleep?”

It was something they already pondered on in the past as Jennie replied that she had a standard answer when people asked her the same thing.

Let’s say we shot our music video for three days straight and I couldn’t sleep. I can go home and just rest for just two hours.

— Jennie

Jisoo interjected, saying that Jennie would still be compelled to eat something during that brief rest period.

But you would choose to eat during that time? You have to eat…I get hungry.

— Jisoo

The eldest member explained her choice of foregoing sleep just to eat.

I’ve had so many incidents where I couldn’t sleep because I was hungry.

— Jisoo

Rosé weighed in by simplifying the problem, making her members see just how impactful each choice was: “Let’s say you didn’t eat [or sleep] for three days?”

Even then, Jennie declared that sleep was the most important thing for her. Even if she got a stomach ache because of hunger, she’d still be able to rest: “Sleep still comes first for me when I’m tired.”

Both Jisoo and Rosé picked the opposite option, explaining that hunger pangs were worse than fatigue.

Rosé: I can’t sleep comfortably in that condition.

Jisoo: I can’t go to sleep with an empty stomach.

In Jisoo’s relatable words: “I have a hungry spirit”. BLACKPINK apparently always says they need food during shooting, in the green room, and when they’re in any and all schedules.

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Check out the full video below!


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