SM Entertainment Criticized For Allegedly Ignoring Super Junior Sungmin’s Solo

It’s not the first time he was ignored.

SM Entertainment is currently under fire for seeming to ignore Super Junior‘s Sungmin.

While they have posted several teasers of Sungmin’s solo Orgel in the SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter account, none of them have made it to Super Junior’s official Twitter, SJofficial .

Fans are upset SJofficial can find time to post about Siwon’s UNICEF ambassadorship but not even retweet about Sungmin’s comeback.

Seeing as this is Sungmin’s first solo song in 14 years, they expected more out of the company.

This is not the first time SM Entertainment has forgotten Sungmin, with them leaving out his picture on the “congratulations” post of the members for completing their military service. He is one of the few K-Pop idols whose own fans have started a boycott against.

Sungmin is set to debut as a solo artist on November 22.

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