Super Junior’s Sungmin Was Completely Edited Out Of New Promo Video And Fans Are Furious

It’s like he’s not a member of Super Junior anymore.

Super Junior is gearing up for their 9th full album return following the completion of all their member’s mandatory military service. Recent news revealed that Heechul would not be able to participate and Kangin recently left the group, informing fans that this would not be a full group comeback.

Despite this, they did not expect SJ Label to hide the existence of their members. Although Sungmin has been inactive in recent group promotions and had been confirmed to not be joining this comeback, E.L.Fs were shocked that he was completely edited out of the recent Super Junior promotion.

A portion of the video showed a collage of the Super Junior member’s discharge from the army, with Sungmin noticeably absent.

E.L.F.’s were upset that SJ Label cut him out despite officially still being part of the group. They pointed out that his voice was even heard in the background.

Considering how they waited ten years for the members to be complete again, E.L.Fs wished the video would have recognized everyone.

As a result, fans began showering Sungmin with more support online.

What do you think about this situation?

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