Netizens Actually Want SM Entertainment’s April Fools’ Joke To Become A Reality

Their April Fools’ joke may have been a little too perfect:

SM Entertainment Global Shop thought of the perfect April Fools’ joke, but it might have been a little too perfect!


Many K-Pop idols, fansites, and even companies had fun pulling pranks on April 1 making fans all around the world have a good laugh. But among all those jokes, there was one that many fans were actually hoping wasn’t a joke.


Posting to both their Twitter and Instagram pages, SM Global Shop revealed a brand new lightstick to fans. The new lightstick was a combination of all the current SM Entertainment artist lightsticks.


Promoting the joke as a limited edition offer that would be available starting April 8, their wacky and wonderful lightstick mashup caught a lot of attention.


Although some fans were glad that the lightstick was simply an April Fools’ joke stating that they found the mashup ugly, many others sincerely liked it and thought it would be perfect for SMTown concerts.


Many fans also revealed that if this wasn’t a prank, they would snatch the lightstick up in a heartbeat.


While it still remains a simple April Fools’ joke, thanks to all the interest maybe someday SM Entertainment will create a lightstick for fans who love all the groups.

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