When SM Entertainment Recruited This Idol, He Gave Them A Fake Phone Number

The story of how NCT‘s Winwin was recruited is going viral as it shows just how pure and innocent he is.

In a recent post on an online community portal, a netizen shared the story of how NCT’s Winwin was recruited by SM Entertainment. According to a fan, Winwin shared his story of his recruitment in Park Kyung Lim’s radio show “2 P.M. Date”, where he explained he was scouted in front of his school in 2013.

Winwin then explained that an agency recruiter had approached him and asked for his number, but he was scared. Haechan then revealed that Winwin ended up giving the recruiter a fake number out of fear.

Netizens found his reaction adorable and couldn’t stop gushing over how naive he was, and commended the recruiter for coming across such a talented and attractive recruit.

After all, who could resist a face like this?

Source: Pann