These Are The Things Every Idol Under The “Big 3” Agencies Have To Go Through

Would you survive in these companies?

The “Big 3” companies, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are notoriously hard to get into, but the trainees’ strife does not end just there. Even after they get into the agencies, they are made to undergo intense training and lessons, from vocals and dance, to language and even deportment. After debut, some veteran idols occasionally spill the tea on what goes on behind the closed doors.

EXO‘s Baekhyun once spilled the beans, saying that SM Entertainment gives them lessons on how to handle themselves as celebrities. The company had warned them to always be careful of other people and that if they were unsure of anything, they could ask their management for advice.

He also further shared that the company makes sure all of its idols know how to greet people properly. It is no wonder that the company’s idols are famous for their upright personalities and 90 degree bows, even years into their career.

On the other hand, the girls of BLACKPINK shared that their contracts contained 6 very important rules. The company prohibits the girls to partake in the following activities – smoking, drinking, driving, plastic surgery, clubbing and dating, at least for a minimum period of time after debut. The company was so strict on the last point during their rookie period, that trainees weren’t allowed to greet other trainees of the opposite gender.

Lastly, JYP Entertainment is known for selecting trainees or idols with great personalities and character. JYP himself, places emphasis on three things he views as the most important. These are, true beauty, honesty and modesty. It is no wonder all of the JYP Entertainment idols are so admired.

The head honcho himself really values being humble as a person, and teaches all his artists to always be thankful.

During SIXTEEN, he emphasized that it was important to always be diligent in whatever one does.

He lectured the girls of TWICE to always be an upright and honest person, such that they need not worry about their words and actions, as long as they remembered this.

What do you think of the things that these companies teach their idols, apart from vocals and performance? Would you be able to survive the tough training? Regardless, the success of their idols are no doubt due to both their own hard work as well as the lessons taught by their mentors!

Source: FM Korea