SM Fans Create Ingenious Lightstick Carrier Cases That You’ll Be Dying To Buy Too


Fandom lightsticks are crucial when attending any K-Pop event, and fans guard theirs with the utmost care so that their biases can see their fans shining their support out among the crowds.


One SHINee fan decided that they were tired of putting their lightstick in danger of getting broken during transit so they created an ingenious lightstick carrier case!


The case was designed in SHINee’s official colors, nicely decorated with a sturdy strap and a memorial key strap with Jonghyun‘s name.


Made of sturdy hard casing, the carrier has an easy zipper access.


Inside, there are two rubber straps to firmly hold your lightstick in place and a net pocket on the other side to hold anything else you would need.


After hearing of the SHINee fan’s incredible invention, Red Velvet fans designed a case of their own with the group’s official colors!


Thus, the Red Velvet lightstick carrier case was born!


The fan created the inside almost exactly like the SHINee case. It comes with a strap, a battery holder, and a clear plastic to hold your favorite photo card!


The idea soon spread to Girls’ Generation fans as they created one with the group’s own style of pink!


Now that Girls’ Generation finally has their own lightstick, fans can carry it around safely in this pouch!


Last but not least, SM’s legend – BoA – got a hard case of her own thanks to her loyal fans!


The case is decorated in her signature yellow, showcasing her “Asian Star”, a logo fit for the legend’s nickname!


Fans are continually adding more designs to the case to bring it to perfection!


Now fans can wave their lightsticks high and proud as their goods be protected before and after the events!

Source: The Qoo


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