SM Rookies Shohei, Eunseok And Seunghan Spill On Their Experiences As Trainees On “The NCT Show”

Finally, more content from the new SM Rookies!

SM Entertainment recently announced its three newest SM RookiesEunseokShohei, and Seunghan. SM Rookies functions as a way for pre-debut trainees to gain experience and be exposed to the public before their eventual debut in a group.

The newest SM Rookies. | @smrookies/Twitter
Shohei | @smrookies/Twitter
Eunseok | @smrookies/Twitter
Seunghan | @smrookies/Twitter

As part of their first official SM Rookies activities, the three members were photographed for WWD Magazine in a chic and fashionable photoshoot. Fans have been eagerly awaiting more content from them and have finally gotten it! As part of their The NCT Show segment, NCT‘s Doyoung and Jungwoo interviewed the three rookies.

The rookies are obviously a bit nervous around their seniors and Seunghan reveals he has known about SM groups since a young age. He also shares that he has only been a part of the company for two and a half years. When asked about his first interaction at the company with someone, he replies that Shohei helped him out on his first day and left a lasting impression on him.

Eunseok reveals that he joined the company in 2017 and that the first person he saw was Jungwoo. His initial impression was that Jungwoo was very handsome and obviously a celebrity!

When I first saw him(Jungwoo), I though ‘I saw a celebrity.’ I’ve never said it before but that’s what I thought.

— Eunseok

Eunseok trained alongside Jungwoo and NCT’s Sungchan before their debuts and shared that Jungwoo took care of them “like a leader.” Jungwoo shares that he tried hard to take care of them and make sure that all of them were close friends!

NCT’s Jungwoo as an SM Rookie in 2017. 

Shohei reveals that he joined the company in 2018, and Doyoung expresses the excitement he had about hearing of a trainee that is the same age as him. The two share a cute but awkward moment and Jungwoo remarks that the SM 96 line(Doyoung, NCT’s Kun and Ten, and Shohei) are “worldwide“.

Doyoung and Jungwoo then offer words of advice including to be yourself and how to advocate for what sort of individual concept is best before ending the interview.

SM Entertainment has not yet announced where these rookies will be debuting. Currently, SM has announced its NCT Tokyo subunit as well as teased a new boy group outside of the NCT concept. Either way, fans are excited to learn more about these rookies!


Source: NCT