The Sneaky Thing EXO’s Baekhyun Did That Gave NCT’s Haechan Culture Shock, But That Haechan Now Wants To Learn

One chaotic king learning from another.

NCT DREAM‘s most recent Instagram live was chock full of entertaining moments, particularly when the members were stressubg over whether or not Chenle would go through with his threats to drop spoilers about the group’s new comeback, Glitch Mode. But Chenle isn’t the only member with a penchant for chaos, as Haechan was also quite happy to join in on teasing spoilers. In fact, Haechan may just be NCT’s true master of chaos.

| @nct127/Instagram

Yet, there is one thing that Haechan still wants to learn, and that’s how to be a real spoiler king. While Chenle may be the spoiler king in NCT, it seems like the true authority in spoiling that the members look up to is EXO‘s Baekhyun. And it’s no surprise that they do, as Baekhyun has a long track record of dropping massive spoilers, spoiling everything from EXO’s comeback, to his own song “Bambi,” to the fact that NCT’s Ten has a third tattoo.

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But one of the most notable moments in Baekhyun’s career as the spoiler king of SM Entertainment was when he played SuperM‘s title track, “One,” during a live stream—before the album came out. Mark was initially laughing when Baekhyun said he was going to play the song…

| SuperM/VLIVE via Tek Dovin/YouTube 

…but when he realized that Baekhyun really was playing it, he panicked and quickly ran up to the camera to yell as loudly as possible to cover up the song.

Funnily enough, Baekhyun told him to sit still before he once again played the song, forcing Mark to hilariously stare in total shock as Baekhyun spoiled a considerable part of it.

During NCT DREAM’s recent Instagram live, Haechan explained that he felt like he got a culture shock when Baekhyun did that (proving that Mark hadn’t been the only one in shock in that moment).

But of course, being a big fan of Baekhyun himself, what Haechan took away from it is that he should learn from him. And seeing as Haechan is also a chaotic king, as well as one of NCT’s main comedians, it’s clear that Haechan really is following in Baekhyun’s footsteps. Which begs the question, between Haechan and Chenle, how much can they spoil about NCT DREAM’s comeback before the album drops on March 28?