Sohee Cracks Everyone Up By Refusing To Call Choi Woo Shik “Oppa”

Gong Yoo couldn’t stop laughing!

An old interview of the cast of Train to Busan is cracking netizens up!

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In 2016, the five main characters of Train to Busan sat down with Pikicast to talk about their movie and the roles they played for the film. It was during the part where actress Sohee was speaking when the cast and the host cracked up in laughter. This specific segment has been making its rounds again online due to its hilarious nature. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look!

Cast of “Train to Busan” | Pikicast

It all starts when the host, Park Seul Gi asks Sohee about her fellow co-star Choi Woo Shik. In the film, the two actors portray a high school couple that are in love. When regarding him, however, Sohee gets noticeably flustered and responds with a shaky voice.

Still from Pikicast interview | Pikicast

Woo…Woo…Woo Shik goon (term used for friends) he first…

— Sohee

To which the host had to ask, “oh is he your friend?” Sohee responds, “No, he is my oppa.”

Still from Pikicast interview | Pikicast

This is when the rest of the cast members realize they can no longer hold in their laughter and decide to collectively laugh out loud at Sohee’s response.

Still from Pikicast interview | Pikicast

They look like they’ll die of laughter.

— Caption

After everyone settles, Sohee finally refers to Choi Whoo Shik as, “Wooshik-sshi.” 

Still from Pikicast interview | Pikicast

The lead actor in the film, Gong Yoo chimes in by saying:

Still from Pikicast interview | Pikicast

Even if she dies, she refuses to call him oppa.

— Gong Yoo

Don’t worry folks because Sohee explains why she doesn’t call the Parasite actor oppa!

Still from Pikicast interview | Pikicast

Sohee: It is because he approached me first as a friend.

Choi Woo Shik: We became really close as friends.

Sohee: He is the movie set’s comedian.

Choi Woo Shik and Sohee at a red carpet event | News1

While the two actors are known to be close friends, Choi Woo Shik is older than Sohee by two years making him an oppa to the actress. Typically in South Korea, honorifics such as oppa, are used when regarding someone older than you.

Oppa, however, has an alternative meaning and can be used in a loving way when addressing an older male significant other. Sohee, who is known for her shy personality may have opted out of using this term with her close friend due to its potential romantic connotation.

No matter the case, we love Sohee’s firm stance on the term and their close friendship! You can watch the comedic gold that is the Train to Busan interview down below.


Source: Nate, W Korea and Cosmopolitan