MAMAMOO’s Solar Picks Her Favorite Physical Feature On Herself — And It Might Make You Confused AF

You will NEVER see this one coming.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, MAMAMOO’s Solar revealed some interesting information about herself that fans would have never guessed.

As the visual of MAMAMOO, Solar is often praised for her beautiful looks. However, the question remains: What is her favorite physical feature on herself?

She’s known to look incredible both with and without makeup, so it could definitely be a hard choice to pick what she likes best!

She could choose her cheeks since the members of MAMAMOO are always squishing her chubby cheeks.

Another good choice would be her mole under her eyebrow which gives her a sexy and chic vibe.

She has also previously said that she loves her big smile. It definitely puts a smile on everyone else’s faces, too!

However, Solar actually picked none of these features and instead opted for something no one could have guessed: her forehead!

I like my forehead. I like the shape of my head. The back and front of my head is very round and pretty … So I like my forehead very much.

— Solar

It might not be something that’s thought of often, but face and head shape do play a large role in having an overall attractive appearance.

Especially since she is a singer, fans admire her from all angles while she’s on stage.

As long as Solar is happy and confident with herself, that’s all that matters!

Watch Solar’s full interview with Marie Claire below.