Solved! The Culprit Who Stole Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Ice Cream 2 Years Ago Has Finally Owned Up

“I secretly ate Bang Chan sunbaenim’s ice cream and replaced it.”

The mystery of who stole Stray KidsBang Chan’s ice cream has plagued fans (and likely Bang Chan himself!) for years. Now, years later, the culprit has finally owned up in a comical confession on Bubble.

Bang Chan was hilariously heartbroken back in a 2021 vlog when he revealed his favorite ice cream had gone missing. As he got ready to unbox his new drone, the Stray Kids star headed to JYP Entertainment’s artist lounge to grab some snacks.

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There’s a fridge we use together,” Bang Chan explained, referring to his fellow labelmates, “and it might get mixed up, so I always write my name.” Thankfully, when he got to the fridge, the pineapple juice he’d labeled “Chan” was still exactly where he left it. Unfortunately, however, the same couldn’t be said for his ice cream.

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It’s not here? I only ate one…

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

After getting over his confusion, Bang Chan told fans that there had been two of his favorite ice cream in the artists’ fridge, and he’d planned on saving one for later. “But the ice cream’s gone,” he said, dejected, before asking, “Who’s the culprit… who is it?

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Now, two years later, we finally have our answer!

For a while, TWICE’s Sana almost got the blame after revealing she stole a snack just a few days after Bang Chan’s vlog was released.

However, it quickly turned out that Sana had snatched a caramel and cream cheese cookie from TWICE’s own van. As it turns out, the real “thief” was…


ITZY’s Chaeryeong! In a recent message to fans on Bubble, Chaeryeong told fans she was hungry and searching everywhere for a snack in the JYP Entertainment practice room. The moment seemed to stir up an old memory in Chaeryeong, who soon revealed with a cheeky giggle…

In the past, there was once I secretly ate Bang Chan sunbaenim’s ice cream and replaced it [laughs] 🤭

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong

ITZY would have been promoting their track “LOCO” at the time, and with that intense choreography, it’s no surprise she needed a sugary snack to boost her energy.

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The belated confession cracked fans of both groups up, with many remarking that the secret must have been eating away at her for years.

After training together before debut, ITZY and Stray Kids are known to be friends. In fact, long before Chaeryeong took Bang Chan’s snack, she was spotted giving him a sweet treat at the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships.

So, if Bang Chan ever gets wind of Chaeryeong’s confession, he’s sure to forgive his junior!

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