Here’s Why Some South Koreans Believe North Koreans Have Horns

Since the Cold War, some South Koreans have held the strange belief that North Koreans have horns.

The belief was created from years of propaganda and misleading education in the South Korean education system.

Photo: NPR

The belief that North Koreans are in fact monsters with horns was taught during the Cold War, with images in South Korean elementary school textbooks that depicted North Koreans as being shadowy characters.

Photo: NPR

Park Sung Chung, a professor at Seoul National University, recalled an animated film in South Korea titled Doree Changun that included evil red wolves, who represented North Koreans.

“It was coordinated from the government. And the political leadership wanted people to believe that North Korea is the biggest enemy in the whole world,”

– Park Sung Chung

In 1988, the anti-communist education program was replaced with a North-Korean friendly education. But the stories have still passed on through generations, causing some South Koreans to believe the outrageous tales.

Source: NPR

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