Something Is Happening To TWICE’s Anti-Fans, And It’s Absolutely Perfect

It’s happening to THRICEs eveywhere.

TWICE‘s anti-fans are so dedicated to their hate of the group, they have their own fandom name – THRICE.

TWICE’s Haters Have Their Own Fandom Name, THRICE


But something seems to be happening to some THRICEs – they are slowly being converted to ONCEs!


This Twitter user was a hard-core THRICE with the handle – and even shared a photo of an anti-lightstick!


But the account has now closed, since the user became a massive Mina stan!


They aren’t alone, with self-confessed anti’s admitting they have been converted!


ONCEs think it’s absolutely perfect karma!

“Glo up of the century. Karma’s a bitch.”


How can you hate these faces?