Somi Recalls How She Got “Revenge” When Her Childhood Bully Asked Her For A Picture On The Streets

Somi happened to run into her childhood bully after her debut.

In a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Jeon Somi recalled a past episode when she had a run-in with a childhood bully.



Believe it or not, Somi was apparently bullied when she was in elementary school.

I used to get power-bullied when I was in elementary school.

– Somi

According to Somi, she transferred to a Korean school in grade 3 because she wanted to learn Taekwondo, and just a day after she transferred to her new school, there was a school election for class president.

Somi explained that her friends told her, “I’ll vote for you if you run,” so she entered without even knowing what a class president was and won with the highest number of votes.

Somi became a class president after just one day at her new school.


As a result, Somi confessed that she was bullied all the way until she was in grade 6.

Since I was the class president and the outcast, I think I was the closest to my teacher.”

– Somi

But Somi successfully got her refreshing “revenge” after her debut when she went to Sinchon to hang out one day.

Somi shared that she spotted her childhood bully on the streets and that she was the one to approach her first.

I went to her and said hi. And when I did, her eyes grew wide, and she asked me for a picture.

– Somi

She concluded,

When I was taking a photo with her, I felt so refreshed inside.

– Somi

Somi proved to be a bigger person by greeting her childhood bully and even taking a photo with her.

Now that’s the best kind of “revenge.”

Source: Insight