Somi Tearfully Searches for Her Guy Bestie of 3 Years at Her High School Graduation

Their friendship is too pure for words.

Somi‘s agency, The Black Label recently released the first episode of the YouTube reality show, I AM SOMI, which showed Somi’s very last day of high school.

Before the high school graduation, Somi owned a photo event like the pro she is.

But once she got into the classroom, she was a cheerful high school student all over again.

What gained particular attention was the way Somi tearfully looked for her guy friend, Young Joon, who was apparently her seating partner for all 3 years of high school.

After finding him, Somi described just how good of a friend he was.

He was my seating parter for all 3 years. He got me a birthday cake every year on my birthday.

– Somi

She then noticed Young Joon crying, making her break down in tears as well.

Somi: Young Joon’s crying.

Friend: Why are you crying?

Somi: Because Young Joon’s crying.


The way they exchanged tears upon the ending of their sweet high school days is too pure for words.

It’s clear from their interaction that their friendship was the most genuine kind.

Check out more of Somi’s daily life in the first episode of I AM SOMI below:

Source: Insight