Somi’s Gorgeous Backup Dancer Divides the Spotlight During a Live Performance of “BIRTHDAY”

It was definitely Somi’s stage, but one of her backup dancers drew more attention than the rest.

Following Somi‘s recent debut with her hit song, “BIRTHDAY”, she has been lighting up the stage of various live stages with her amazing performance ability and unmatched beauty.

But there has been one person who has been dividing the attention of viewers and fans and that’s one of Somi’s backup dancers.

Among the multiple backup dancers behind Somi, one, in particular, has been drawing overwhelming attention for her radiant visuals.

This backup dancer has long black hair and fair skin that make her look extra youthful.

What made her stand out, even more, was her impressive dancing ability on top of her outstanding visuals.

It’s not very common for backup dancers to stand out almost as much as the main idol, and with this backup dancer’s identity being unknown as of yet, fans are wondering if she’s a trainee aiming to become an idol herself one day.

Watch the full performance below:

Source: Insight