Somi Doesn’t Own A Lamborghini, But Here’s How She Got Behind The Wheel

Somi couldn’t hold back her tears of happiness.

In the past week, Somi caught everyone by surprise when driving a super expensive, scene-stealing yellow Lamborghini. While everyone thought she owned the car, THE BLACK LABEL was quick to clarify that she didn’t.

In the second episode of I Am Somi, everyone saw specifically how she ended up behind the wheel. It all started with a wish for entering her twenty’s.

When asked about the first thing she wanted to do to celebrate, there was one thing on her mind: “If I get a license, maybe I can do for a test drive?” While Teddy was skeptical, he considered her wish.

Knowing that her wish was within reach, Somi didn’t waste any time on her part. She was fully prepared to get her driver’s license as soon as possible. She was so determined that she ended up passing the test with full marks. “I got an A.”

Of course, Somi didn’t want to test drive just any car. She wanted to drive her dream car, the one she keeps a small model car of in her home: a yellow Lamborghini Urus. With her end of the bargain complete, she received her ultimate wish.

As soon as Somi entered the car dealership and sat down in the Lamborghini, she was super excited. It was such a big moment that it brought tears to her eyes to finally be there, sitting in one.

Since she’d just received her driver’s license, she was accompanied by 24, VINCE, and Soon Ho to take the car out for a spin. It was everything she’d imagined. From how smooth it drove to how it sounded, Somi loved it all.

Dreams do come true. Watch Somi work hard to test drive her treasured dream car here. If you want to see even more entertaining moments like this, be sure to check out the rest of I Am Somi.