Somi Reveals A Spine-Chilling Story About How Her Family Home Was Haunted

How scary!

Soloist Jeon Somi recently guest-starred on MBC‘s Late Night Ghost Talk, a show where guests read out the stories sent in by viewers. However, she also revealed a ghost story of her own.

It was during her I.O.I days where she was living in the dorms with the members. Her room, which was located in the basement of her family home, had been empty due to that. So her mother, had decided to sleep in Somi’s room, while her father slept with Evelyn, her younger sister. One day, her mother felt the feeling of an embrace of a man while she was sleeping.

She had assumed that it was simply Somi’s father and asked him about it the next morning. When he denied that he had slept in Somi’s room with her, she felt something was odd but continued to sleep in Somi’s room for a few days. However, the ghost kept appearing.

In the end, Somi’s father decided to switch places with her mother and he had slept in Somi’s room instead. However, Somi had revealed that the ghost had appeared in her father’s dreams and hit him as if asking where he had hidden his woman. Somi’s father had hilariously then told Somi’s mother that she had no choice but to go back to sleep in Somi’s room.

Interestingly enough, Somi revealed that ghosts seemed to not appear when she was around. Somi claimed to have a strong energy, so much so that when she was with an unnie she knows that sees ghosts, the unnie did not see any when she was around Somi. Eventually, when Somi returned back to her home to sleep, the ghost did not appear anymore.

Did that send chills down your spine? We sure had a hard time writing this!

Source: Star Today


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