Somi Gains Attention For Her Surprising Instagram Followed Tags

Humble queen!

Our lovely soloist Somi‘s Instagram page is the epitome of iconic it-girl. She serves with every single post!

From hot girl looks like this…

…to behind-the-scenes looks at her music videos, Somi keeps her som moongchis well fed.

Somi only follows a very select few people on her Instagram. These 12 lucky people are from her company, THE BLACK LABEL. Even her followed hashtags are kept to a minimal three. But when fans found out which three surprising tags she follows, they couldn’t help but laugh.

Although Somi is a successful artist, she’s also just a humble teenaged girl at heart!


Her followed hashtags are:

  • Yeonhui-dong delicious restaurants
  • Yeonnam-dong delicious restaurants
  • Yeonnam-dong cafes

Somi is known to live with her family in the Yeonnam-dong area, so she must be on the prowl for delicious food nearby! The wholesome nature of her followed hashtags surprised and entertained fans.

  • “LOL it’s just so like that age-range”
  • “I wondered what it was and clicked in and am leaving with a giggle”
  • “Seeing it like this, she’s just like a girl in her early twenties. How interesting”
  • “I can’t believe there’s that amongst her 12 people only following LOL”

We love a down to earth queen!

Source: pann


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