Somi’s Mom Gave Her Advice About Makeup And It’s Not What You’d Expect

Her mom is definitely right.

In a recent interview with Vogue‘s YouTube channel, Somi demonstrated how she styles her makeup for her “Anymore” look.

In the video, Somi explains that her character in “Anymore” is heartbroken and doesn’t know what to do, so the makeup look had to reflect the dark concept and theme of the story she was trying to tell.

Somi | Vogue/YouTube 
Somi in a behind-the-scenes picture of her filming “Anymore” | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Of course, Somi has always been excellent about choosing the perfect makeup themes for her different concepts.

Whether that’s the more innocent concept of her solo debut song, “Birthday.”

Somi taking a selfie during her debut with “Birthday” | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Or the more mature, as she said, “darker,” look for “XOXO” and “Anymore.”

Somi with a selfie from “Anymore” | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi’s makeup always suits her perfectly. Whether she is stunning fans with her intense stage makeup.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

Or more natural looks that perfectly accent her beauty.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

And in her recent interview with Vogue, she revealed how she started to learn about makeup.

Somi first teases, sharing that her mother only gave her one piece of makeup advice.

“You don’t need to do makeup ’cause your pretty face, it’s all from me.”

And certainly, her mom was right that Somi’s face is stunning with or without makeup.

Somi without makeup

Meanwhile, her father’s main piece of advice was that Somi should never pluck her eyebrows.

Which the idol admits she’s had to do for different shoots and concepts.

But despite her mother’s advice about her naturally beautiful face, Somi started to learn about makeup at 14 when she joined JYP Entertainment‘s show Sixteen.

Somi in Sixteen

And from there, her knowledge about makeup only grew as she now not only gives suggestions to and works with her makeup artists, but she also recommends her beauty routine to her other idol friends.

And even helped VIVIZ‘s Umji find the right lip color.