Somi Was Once Too Embarrassed To Look Kim Jong Kook In The Eye—Here’s Why

She gave her reasons behind why she can’t look him in the eye!

Somi once made a guest appearance on JaeJae‘s MMTG, where she clarified her actions on Kim Jong Kook‘s Youtube channel as an earlier appearance!

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi and JaeJae sat down to talk about her burgeoning solo career, and also brought up incredible meme-worthy moments from her life as an idol!

One of the moments the show referenced was Somi’s appearance on Kim Jong Kook’s Youtube channel called Gym Jong Kook, and how her exhausted face became a meme for the ages!

In the beginning, you were very energetic, but in the end, you looked exhausted!

—Jae Jae

The normally confident Somi then commented on how the whole time they were filming, she could barely get herself to make eye contact with Kim Jong Kook, and revealed why!

To be frank… Since Kim Jong Kook always wears those muscle tees…he looks too naked. I am the type of person to always look into the eyes of the other person when I talk, but I couldn’t look him in the eyes!

So that’s also why I am also looking to the front.


Watch this hilarious moment here!