Somi Reveals Which Part Of Comeback She Focused On The Most

She slayed this concept!

In light of her recent comeback with “Dumb Dumb” Somi sat down with Red Velvet Wendy‘s SBS Power FM‘s Young Street Radio! 

Before she discussed her comeback, Somi gave some updates on her own personal life such as turning 21 this year. Sadly, Somi shared that even though she turned 21, it feels as if nothing changed due to COVID-19.

People around me say I’ve become an adult. I want to feel different from my 20s, but I feel like I’m not even in my 20s because of the corona virus.

— Somi

As for her bubbly personality, Somi explained that she actually receives more energy and a kind of vitamin when she’s busy working.

My personal vitamin is when I promote with my planned schedules. I was on a break for a year so being busy makes me happy.

— Somi

Somi then discussed her new single and shared it holds a big significance to her since she participated in a lot of its creation.

It’s a song that came out after a year, and it’s single with love and obsession because I participated in all aspects of music video, styling, song, and lyrics.

— Somi


Since she was involved in much of the process, Somi shared that she focused on the choreography the most.

I paid attention to how to properly show the mood of being a teenager and the point choreography. The journey to make the choreography for ‘Batman’ was too long.

— Somi

Source: Nate