Somi Shares Why She Was So Disappointed With Her “What You Waiting For” Comeback Stage

It was her first time on stage after over a year.

The special episode of Somi‘s “I AM SOMI” YouTube series was recently uploaded, and it followed her comeback for “What You Waiting For”. “What You Waiting For” was her return to the industry after a year-long hiatus.

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In the episode, viewers follow Somi after her first comeback stage at M Countdown.

After the performance, she re-watched herself on her phone, disappointment clearly written all over her face.

Later that day, her mom comforted her as they ate dinner together. “When I saw you, it wasn’t you dancing with joy and energy. I could feel that Somi is having a hard time singing“.

Somi agreed with her mom and explained that she was nervous.

I was nervous when I was actually on stage. I had a hoarse throat before the stage because I started preparing from 2 in the morning. I came home and slept, so my voice got hoarse and was weak.

— Somi

The episode then cut to Somi practicing tirelessly at home, singing “What You Waiting For” over and over again.

Her hard work paid off because she soon won her first No. 1 at a music show!

Somi didn’t have a reason to worry because she always delivers.

You can watch the full episode below: