The Somi x BLACKPINK Love Fest Continues With Somi Working This BLACKPINK Dance Move Into Her “BIRTHDAY” Choreography

Reason 128734 why Somi x BLACKPINK is a superior friendship.

Ever since Somi has joined The Black Label – a subsidiary of YG Entertainment – she has been loud and proud about her love and support for her labelmates BLACKPINK.

The love is definitely mutual; each of the BLACKPINK members posted congratulatory messages on SNS after Somi’s debut and Jennie and Jisoo even uploaded videos of themselves jamming to “BIRTHDAY” while on tour.

The latest display of mutual adoration between the girls was during Somi’s July 7 Inkigayo performance. While singing “I’m shaking that thing like a pola-polaroid”, Somi changed the choreography to resemble an iconic BLACKPINK move.

“BIRTHDAY” July 7 Inkigayo choreography 

That new move is very reminiscent of BLACKPINK’s signature move from their most recent comeback “Kill This Love”.

One thing’s for sure: the love between BLACKPINK and Somi won’t be killed any time soon.