I.O.I Somi’s Mom Discovers Somi Has Been Taking All Sorts Of Pain Medications

On the first episode of Unnies Slam Dunk Season 2, Somi was busy packing up her belongings in the I.O.I dorm to take home when her mother discovered medicine for various medical conditions

Somi‘s parents and sister visited the I.O.I dorm after the Timeslip-I.O.I concerts and helped her pack up her belongings to move back to her home.

As they were packing, Somi’s mother found a package containing medicine for neuralgia and stys. Neuralgia is a stabbing or burning pain that can be found anywhere on the body and the cause is generally unknown.

A sty is the inflammation and blockage of a sweat gland in the eyelid, causing swelling, redness, and bumps to appear.

Somi’s mom commented:

“You’re so young but look at all the medicine you have here. Oh my gosh, there’s some for neuralgia, and stys too. There’s something for every sickness here.”

– Somi’s mom

Somi simply replied with “You feel bad for me right? I worked so hard this past year…” Her mother also expressed her feelings about having Somi be able to return home after 1 year in a dorm with the I.O.I members, saying,

“Obviously I am very glad to have her back at home, but after the 1 year away, but it seems like there are now many things I don’t know about her. She’s grown and changed during her time away. I thought I knew everything about her, but now she feels just a little bit unfamiliar.”

– Somi’s mom

Somi’s father Matthew Douma added “She grew a lot. She really grew up a lot.”

In the first episode of Unnies Slam Dunk Season 2, Somi also revealed that she still collects her teeth as they fall out and the reason why she was eliminated from TWICE.

Watch the full clip below!