Son Dongpyo And Nam Dohyon’s Reunion Will Warm Your Hearts

The two also share what they’ve been up to lately.

It’s been nearly 6 months since X1 disbanded due to the Produce scandal.

While the group might have disbanded, the members have shown that their relationship with each other is still as strong as ever. Both Son Dongpyo and Nam Dohyon are currently students at Hanlim Arts High School.

The two show their loving bond for each other, now knowing that they’re attending the same school.


Son Dongpyo decided to ask Nam Dohyon a few questions, such as his reactions to entering Hanlim Arts High School.

The two also share what they’ve been up to since X1 disbanded. Nam Dohyon reveals that he’s just been practicing nonstop recently.

Nam Dohyon also recently debuted in a duo called H&D, where he’s promoting with Lee Hangyul, who is also a former member of X1.

Son Dongpyo has a similar answer to Nam Dohyon, as he too has been practicing like crazy.

The two also share the performances they gave during their entrance exams and practical skills test. Nam Dohyon’s entrance exam was him showing his rapping skills.

Not only did Nam Dohyon show off his rapping, but he also showed his skills as a composer too.

Son Dongpyo’s performance was a little more simple, as he decided to just show off his dancing skills.

There is more in the full videos below!