X1’s Kim Wooseok Spotted Looking out for Son Dongpyo When He Seemed Nervous at the Airport

Kim Wooseok is such a good “hyung”.

X1 was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport leaving for Sapporo, Japan, where Kim Wooseok was seen taking care of Son Dongpyo, who seemed awfully nervous.

As soon as the X1 members got out of their car, they were met with fans and reporters who were there to get a closer look at the young idols.

But in contrast to the other members, Son Dongpyo appeared very nervous as he approached the crowd.

When Kim Wooseok noticed this, he immediately wrapped his arm around Son Dongpyo and walked into the airport together.

As a result, Son Dongpyo bravely made it inside while Kim Wooseok proved to fans and reporters that X1 has each other’s backs.

In response to the sweet gesture, fans are responding with comments such as “Thank you so much for looking after Dongpyo“, and “Kim Wooseok is so trusty and reliable“.

Source: Dispatch