Son Naeun Broke Down Into Tears at Apink’s Recent Concert in Seoul

It happened during their ending song.

Apink recently performed at their independent concerts in Seoul where they spent meaningful time with their beloved fans.

At the concert, Apink performed their hit songs such as “Everybody Ready?”, “Drummer Boy”, “Mr. Chu”, “LUV”, and “No No No”.

In addition to the group performances, the members showed off their individual talent through their solo performances as well.

And toward the end of the concert, the members sent out a heartfelt message before proceeding to perform their final song, “The Wave”.

Every single moment were all of you. We’ll have more good news after the concert, so please wait for us.

– Apink

But during the performance of the song, Son Naeun suddenly burst into tears, making fans worry.

It’s predicted by fans that Son Naeun was touched by the love her fans were showering her with at the concert.

Despite her efforts, she was unable to hold them back, and as a result, her fellow members approached her to give her comfort.

Although Son Naeun was able to keep it together as a professional, fans couldn’t help but feel sad and touched with her.

Some of the comments include, “She might look cold on the outside, but she loves her fans the most“, “She’s beautiful even when she cries“, and “I look forward to your next concert“.

Check out the full footage below:

Source: Insight